Review - Joanne Cronin - Stitch & Bear

Review - Stitch & Bear 2017

Gaz is a man with a love of good food and big flavours, and the kitchen at Michael's certainly delivers. In fact, I don't think I've ever eaten so much garlic in one sitting (and I loved it!). The rustic charm, lack of pretentiousness and simple presentations allows the flavours to shine through. As I look around the room, and see all the various couples and groups enjoying themselves, I remind myself that this is what it's all about. Great food, good flavours, done well.

Review - Katy McGuinness - Irish Independent

Irish Independent Review

Genuinely charming service and seriously good food. Michael's is the kind of restaurant that everyone wishes was within walking distance of home. Although that might be dangerous. Review

The Review, Jan 2016

"This laid back chef has a warmth and infectious passion which leaves us in no doubt that the legacy of Michael’s is on course for an exciting new chapter. Every neighborhood should have Michael’s! "

Ernie Whalley

Taste Of Ireland

Taste Of Ireland

Michaels has always served great food, and they have raised the bar again. It's difficult to find a restaurant in South county Dublin this consistently good. We are long-time fans and for a slightly different dining experience you really can’t beat it.

Tom Doorley


Up in Mount Merrion, which is quintessential south Dublin suburbia, and just opposite the old cinema where Flanagan’s used to sell hideously over-restored furniture, is a great favourite: Michael’s (57, Deerpark Road, Mount Merrion; phone 01 278 0377).This little gem – and I use that word advisedly – is the creation of Michael and Mary Lowe. It has been described by my friend and colleague, Paolo Tullio, as a little bit of Milan in Mount Merrion but there’s more to it than that.It’s a first class deli and there’s a lovely range of wines, mainly Italian. But the food is what attracts people back again and again. Last time I was there I noticed that Michael had a basket of fresh chanterelles on the counter and I admired them. “Will I make you lunch from them and some Taleggio”, he asked. I didn’t put up a struggle!The combination of wild mushrooms, melted cheese and toasted sourdough was superb: simple and unimprovable. And the combination of it and the glass of outstanding Soave that came with it was simply heaven.Needless to say, the coffee is exceptional and all the glorious cakes and sweet things are baked right there in the small kitchen, all of which is in full view.A visit to Michael’s never fails to rekindle my faith in the world and I leave it a much happier and, I hope, slightly better person every time.