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The First Rule of Steak Club is Don't Talk About Steak Club....... Enjoy Our Butcher's Block Steaks, at very friendly prices.Every Wednesday from 6pm

Fresh Seafood

We Take Incredible Care to Bring You The Freshest of Irish Seafood, Often Directly From The Boats

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Rita's Home-Made Pastas - Made From Scratch

Ritas Pasta

Steaks Straight From The Open Flame


Michael's Kitchen Review

Both of these main courses sum up Smith’s approach to cooking: buy great ingredients from great Irish suppliers, cook them well and don’t mess around with them too much. On his Twitter bio (he can...

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Gaz is a man with a love of good food and big flavours, and the kitchen at Michael's certainly delivers. In fact, I don't think I've ever eaten so much garlic in one sitting (and I loved it!). The...

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